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Here at OCR we understand that all debtors are not the same and we recognize that there are always going to be special circumstances or situations that call for a verity of collection approaches. With this in mind, we have customized the approaches below to offer you a range of options that we can tailor to meet the exact needs of your business for Receivables Management.

"Oxford Capital Recovery's investment in international relationships allows us to provide recourse for our client's who extend their business interests, globally."

audit approach

Audit Approach:

With this approach OCR contacts your slow paying or valued customers as a bookkeeping audit company and not as a collections agency.

We will be able to handle your accounts with "kid like gloves" to initiate contact with your delinquent customers and let them know we are simply reviewing the books for “your company” and want to see about making arrangements to get these invoices cleared up so they will be in good standing with your company for future business needs. Sometimes in our business world it just takes a third party to make these invoices a priority and surface again to get you paid.

reserved collections

Reserved (or Traditional) Collections:

With this approach OCR will perform traditional collections efforts to include collection calls and letters in a more demanding manner with the ability to escalate our efforts to include hiring a local attorney in the debtors region to apply local legal pressure.

With the reserved collection approach, we will not “ruffle the feathers of the business” with our investigative collections approach unless further authorized by the client. This traditional approach will get your invoices made a priority and will give you the leverage to escalate or tone down our intensity and attitude for collections. OCR will present the investigative information we gather to help you assess the best direction to maximize recovery which could include to escalate to a more aggressive investigative approach, engage a local attorney for demand or litigation, or to consider a settlement or secured payment arrangement.

Investigative Collections


This is the preferred way for OCR and allows our agency to maximize the recovery success rate. This is our standard approach at OCR and utilizes the use of outside credit trained licensed private investigators and our national network of Attorneys to apply the right points of pressure to ensure that your invoices are made the highest priority. This approach is so effective OCR doubles the national recovery success rate according to ACA International trade statistics.

In many cases its not that your debtors don’t have the money to pay you, its just that they owe a lot of people money and they don’t know who to pay first. OCR uses its unique investigative approach to generate a different and higher level of priority than the other traditional agencies and creditors possibly already after your debtor.
We will have your accounts assigned to an outside licensed investigator to prepare a complete asset & liability investigation on your debtors. This approach will apply a unique pressure that will come from conducting the investigation through the debtor as well as his vendors, banks, landlords, neighboring businesses, corporate affiliates, Secretary of State, Tax assessors office and all affiliated principals of the corporation.

Many people will go their entire lives without being approached by a licensed investigator, so when our investigator contacts the debtors neighbors, landlords or vendors etc, they tend to come out of the wood work very fast and approach the debtor to let them know that they have been contacted on behalf of “your company” and ask if they should or should not complete the form they received from our investigators on their company disclosing information of their solvency and ability to resolve the debt.

With this investigative presence every you’re your debtor turns around he is being approached by his network and affiliates on behalf of your company until your claim is resolved. This allows you to become the squeaky wheel and lets the debtor know that we are doing our due-diligence to prepare this to be paid either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Consumer Collections

Consumer Collections:

With strict adherence to the FDCPA, all federal, state, and local laws and regulations OCR has the proven success of our investigative trained agents to dig deeper than a traditional collections agency. At OCR our agents are trained to prove the debtors ability to resolve our clients claims while providing evidence of the liability and legal responsibility of the debt. This puts our agents in a position to secure and capitalize on the highest possible collection success rate for delinquent receivables.